About Creative Websoft, Inc.


Creative Websoft, Inc. has been providing innovative and affordable software solutions for the past 15 years. Our Company is based at Illinois, USA. We are dedicated to providing a variety of quality solutions in the areas of construction software. To achieve our goal, we work closely with each client to better understand the unique challenges involved. Innovative solutions and continual research make us stand out in a highly competitive fast paced market.

Whether your company is a small or large , we provide the necessary attention and support for implementing our software in order to give you full satisfaction and return of your money.

We also accept client's suggestions and incorporate them in our upcoming upgrades to tailor the software to your needs.

About BidGenius

BidGenius is a Bid Solicitation and Bid Management software specially designed for General Contractors which has built-in mass Faxing, mass Emailing, Bid Room (Plan Room) and Web ITB Response Features. It is the only software in the market which combines the security of data storage on your own computer, while providing the web-based features like online ITB responses by your subcontractors and Bid Room for uploading plans and specifications for your subcontractors.

Why BidGenius?

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  • Excellent Bid Solicitation and Bid Management Software
  • A lot of Power & Features Built-In
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Free Upgradation for Subscribers
  • Innovative Technology
  • You can bid more projects with total control
  • Saves time, labor & money

BidGenius has lots of built-in features including Bid Solicitation, Bid Room, Fax & Email broadcasting which saves your time, labor and money. BidGenius comes with an independent Fax Server which can be installed on any one computer of your network. It works for your company's president, estimator and secretary.

BidGenius offers great features which always keeps you ahead of the competiton. With the help of BidGenius, you can bid more projects efficiently with minimum manpower, less cost and less time. You can concentrate on those areas where you should. Get BidGenius and forget all worries. It's a great asset which can make your business grow and put you on top.


  • Current Bid Opportunities
  • Project Bid Room
  • BidGenius FaxServer

We are extremely pleased with BidGenius and highly recommend it to do away with the headaches of the bidding process.    -Paul Borg Construction