Enhancement in BidGenius Bidroom.          
  • BidGenius Bidroom new look and feel!

    BidGenius Bidroom is now html5 compatible. Better User Experience and Supports mobile devices.

  • Document CRM is being released in August 2014

    This innovative web application is Document <=> Customer Relationship Management Software, fully customizable for any type of Company/ Business/ Industry/ Invidual Use. It helps in organizing your contacts, documents and their relationship in one place. Document CRM can be used for Document Management, Contact Management, Workflow Management and Project Management. It can be used as Centralized Messaging System for all your projects. For more information, visit http://documentcrm.com

  • BidGenius 2013 Released!

    BidGenius Update 2013 contains many enhancements as well as attractive features like Project Dashboard, Improved Search based on US and Canada Zipcode. BidGenius 2013 is more robust and user-friendly software with added features. All Active Clients receive this upgrade free of charge.

  • EstimateGenius Released!

    EstimateGenius is a Estimating and Proposal Generation software specially designed for Contractors. It is designed by estimators to help you figure out what the material, labor and equipment cost for a project and increase your estimate and proposal accuracy, speed and thoroughness. For more information, visit http://estimategenius.com

  • BidGenius Cloud is available now. BidGenius Can be accessed from anywhere

    BidGenius Cloud runs from, and stores data on, our remote servers instead of your local computers. There is no need to install or manage any client side software to use BidGenius Cloud application. BidGenius Cloud can benefit your business by lowering the up-front investment and IT support cost, providing remote accessibility, easy expansion, data storage and security. BidGenius Cloud can be accessed from your home or office Windows PC or Mac or iPad

  • New BidGenius Customer Forum

    Stay updated with announcements, get answers from the community and share your feature suggestions with us. You can also submit a support ticket. Click here to visit BidGenius Customer Forum

  • BidGenius 8.01.015 Update Released

    Some exciting features include,
    * New Classic, Intuitive Graphical Interface
    * BidGenius Wizard to walk you through the bidding process
    * Email To Fax capability add-on module
    * Quick Email feature
    * Subcontractor Search Utility
    * Subcontractor Contact Data import
    * Improved Current Bid Opportunities Page with links to the projects
    * New Reports and feature improvements

    The Email-To-Fax feature is an add-on module that users can take advantage of. This feature not only eliminates the need of a physically and locally connected fax/modem but is much faster than the traditional faxing method.

  • Email-To-Fax and Cloud Services

    BidGenius is releasing its new version in December 2011. In addition to the customary features, it will also include the Email-to-Fax capability to merge the convenience of email with fax. You can use your email(s) to send faxes eliminating the need of a fax modem at your end to send out faxes from BidGenius. The activation of this Email-to-Fax feature is optional. If you have an account with eFax/ Smartfax/ eXtreme Fax or any other service provider, you may continue to use it to integrate with BidGenius or ask us to open a new account for you. BidGenius Cloud is also slated for release next year. BidGenius Cloud run from, and store data on, remote servers instead of local computers. There is no need to install or manage any client side software to use BidGenius Cloud application. You can use BidGenius Cloud from anywhere if you have internet connectivity. BidGenius Cloud can benefit your business by lowering the up-front investment and IT support cost, providing remote accessibility, easy expansion, data storage and security.

  • New Affordable Prices

    Our goal is to deliver software solution with best features at very affordable prices in the current economy situation. Click here to see new lower BidGenius Prices

  • BidGenius 8.01.013 Update

    The latest update included several New Features such as, Multiple Contacts for Subcontractors, Auto-Generated web page for Current Bid Opportunities on your bidroom, Calculation of Overheads like the Performance Bond, Contingency etc, Management of Alternates & Unit Prices, History of ITb Web Responses, Improved Subcontractors Search Filter, More User Options to customize your environment, additional reports etc.

    We have tried to cover most of the features suggested by our existing clients.

  • Great Success @ Construction Expo, Chicago

    Thank you to one and all who visited and made our event very successful. We are commited to serve the construction industry by delivering innovative and affordable software solutions.

  • BidGenius 8.01.010 Update

    This update, released in September 2009, allows subcontractors to submit ITB responses on the web. The responses can be updated into BidGenius database in just one click. Unlimited Subcontractors' documents like Licenses, Insurance and Bid Proposals can be linked and opened right from within BidGenius. The update also has many enhancements in Subcontractors Master Information, User Management, Analysis Reports , Customized Options, BidRoom Handling etc.

  • BidGenius 8.01.009 Update

    This update gives users more flexibility. User definable subcontractors' classification like MBE, DBE, WBE etc, Project Import Feature, Enhancements in BGFaxServer and Bid Room.

  • BidGenius 8.01.008 Update

    This update, released in September 2009, included more customizable user options, company logo on all Bid Documents and several new reports.

  • New Version BidGenius 8.01 Released

    More User-Friendly version with added features like Bid Room for Uploading/Downloading project plans and specifications, BidGenius Quick Links, Subcontractors' Bidding Analysis Reports, more user-friendly BGFaxServer was released in March 2008


  • Current Bid Opportunities
  • Project Bid Room
  • BidGenius FaxServer

We are extremely pleased with BidGenius and highly recommend it to do away with the headaches of the bidding process.    -Paul Borg Construction