BidGenius Frequently Asked Questions - Page 2
  • What if we need any technical support for installation, configuration and operational help ?

    Our Annual Software Subscription Plan offers the following services:
       Software Updates
       Technical Support
       Bid Room (Plan Room) Usage for Uploading/ Downloading your palns and specifications from our FTP server
       Online Web Response Module for your subcontractors

    You may visit BidGenius Customer Forum to refer to the knowledgebase or submit a support ticket.
    You can call us at 847-874-7192 or Email us for any of questions or solutions. We are always ready to answer all of your questions and help you out.

    Click here to read what customers say about BidGenius and our customer service.

  • What are the benefits of BidGenius over the other web based solutions available in the market ?

    BidGenius is the only Invitation to bid software which maintains your data securely on your own computer while providing the web-based features like online ITB responses by your subcontractors and Bid Room for uploading plans and specs for your subcontractors. When you use BidGenius, your data is on your own computer. You have total control on security and privacy of your data whereas it is not the same case for web based solutions. In web based solutions, your data is on third party's server and you may not know who access your data. For your business, data security and privacy is very important.

    In BidGenius, you can see the real time instant faxing to your subcontractors and there is no time delay whereas in web based Bid solicitation software solutions, there is some time delay depending on server load.

    When you send faxes/ Emails using BidGenius, there is no charge per page/ Email. Once you have BidGenius, it's all yours. Some web based solutions charge you per page and/or monthly.

    In BidGenius when you connect to your BidRoom, it automatically updates the Project and Current Bid Opportunity details on your Bid Room.

  • How does BidGenius Licensing work?

    Licensing is based on “Per User/PC”, meaning if you purchase three user licenses, you may install BidGenius on three workstations/PCs. Only those three users can use BidGenius from those three workstations/PCs.

    We have all licensing options from Single User to Unlimited User Licenses. Please contact us to learn more.


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  • Project Bid Room
  • BidGenius FaxServer

BidGenius helped in reducing the time spent in distributing and collecting information on upcoming projects.                         -Armstrong Builders