BidGenius Frequently Asked Questions : Page 3 
  • What are the hardware/ software requirements for running BidGenius?

    The minimum requirement for running BidGenius is,
         Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista / Windows Server 2003/ Windows Server 2008 32 or 64 bit/ Windows 7 32 or 64 Bit/ Windows 8 or above
         512 MB RAM
         200 MB Free Hard Disk Space
         Internal or External Fax Modem(s)/ Multiport Fax Board (Activation of Email-To-Fax Feature does not require any Fax Modem at your end)
         Internet Connection

  • What do I get when I buy BidGenius?

    We will send you BidGenius Download Link with instructions and Soft copy of User Manual

  • When will BidGenius be delivered after the placement of Order?

    BidGenius Download link will be sent on the next business day after the payment is received.

  • Can my Subcontractor data be imported into BidGenius?

    Yes, your existing data can be imported into BidGenius by us. You can provide subcontractor information in excel spreadsheet or CSV format or MS Access database. One subcontractor can have multiple scopes of work and multiple contacts. The template of the worksheet will be sent to you on placement of confirmed order. If you want to import just the contact list yourself, there is an import feature available in BidGenius which you can use to import from csv file.

  • Does BidGenius work on a Network? Can several users work on the same project at the same time?

    If you buy multi-user version of BidGenius (e.g. 2 users/3 users/ 5 Users, ...), it will work on a network and multiple users can work in the same project/ different projects in BidGenius at the same time. BidGenius Single user can be used on any one PC. The number of users working is limited by the number of user licenses purchased by you.


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  • Project Bid Room
  • BidGenius FaxServer

You guys are the best in incorporating many of our suggestions into BidGenius program. Keep it up!
                         -Nooney Construction