BidGenius Frequently Asked Questions : Page 4
  • How does BidGenius help in saving time, labor and cost?

    Once you have created a project and entered all drawings, specifications & subcontractors data, Invitation To Bid (ITBs) for all subcontractors can be generated automatically and these ITBs can be Fax/ Email to all subcontractors in just one click. Also, You can fax/ email other Bid Documents like Addendums, Bid Requests, Memos, Reminder Memos etc in just one click. You can upload project plans and specifications on Bid Room Server.Your subcontractors can download plans and specification right from there. You do not need to send copies of plans and specifications to your subcontractors.

  • Can I Fax / E-mail ITB(s) or Addendums directly from BidGenius software?

    Yes, BidGenius has fax and E-mail broadcasting feature in-built. The Bid Documents like ITBs, Bid Requests, Addendums, Memos, Reminder Memos etc. can be sent by fax/ Email to all subcontractors in just one click. In order to schedule faxes, all users in network do not require to have Fax Modem installed in their computer. The independent software "Bid Genius Fax Server" comes with BidGenius software and it can be installed in any one computer(with fax modem) of your network. BidGenius Fax Server will take care of the faxes scheduled by all users.

  • Is any other program required to fax/ email bid documents?

    No. BidGenius has everything built-in. No other third party software program(s) needs to be installed in order to send out your project bid documents by fax/ email.

  • Which Fax Modem cards/ board are supported by BidGenius?

    All Internal/ External fax modems that support the industry standard class 1/2/2.0 faxing are supported by BidGenius.

  • How many modems can be connected?

    Any number of modems can be connected. BGFaxServer (which comes with BidGenius) will detect all the connected Fax Modems automatically when you click on Auto-Detect

  • Can I view the fax before sending to ensure that the correct file is attached?

    Yes. BGFaxServer application provides the facility to view faxes. Stop the server and schedule the faxes. You will see those scheduled faxes in the tab. Put your cursor on the fax which you want to view and then click on . It will show you fax and attachments (if any). After you review it, you can start the BGFaxServer to send out the scheduled faxes.


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BidGenius was so popular in fact that shortly after our initial purchase, we needed additional licenses.
                      -Poulos Construction