BidGenius Frequently Asked Questions :	Page 5
  • How do I resend failed faxes?

    In Bgfaxserver application, click on Scheduled faxes tab, select the faxes which you want to re-send and then click on Re-Send.

  • Can a client see the status of the faxes without having to use the server?

    Fax Log is automatically updated after appx. every 30 seconds when the fax status changes. From the BidGenius client, click on File->Fax Log, you will be able to see the fax status without going to BGFaxServer. The status of the log is refreshed every 30 seconds.

  • Is the web feature like publishing plans, specifications, addendum on website included?

    Yes, the Bid Room (Plan Room) feature is included in BidGenius with Annual Subscription. Your company FTP account will be setup under for your plan room. You can upload your project plans, specifications, addendums on the Bid Room created for your company right from BidGenius. The Bid Room url will be created automatically on your ITB/ Bid Request which your subcontractors can use to download your project plans, specifications, addendums from your Bid Room. Also, your company's current bid opportunities page will be updated automatically.

  • How much web space will be allotted in our assigned Bid Room?

    You can upload unlimited number of projects/ files on your assigned bid room. There is no space limitation.

  • Is the Bid Room (Plan Room) accessible to all subcontractors? Do they have to register? What do they have to pay? What do we pay for the Bid Room?

    There is no registration process for either you or your subcontractors. Similarly, there is no payment to be done either by you or subcontractor for using the Bid Room. Bid Room comes with BidGenius and is included in your annual subscription.

  • Can our company logo be included in the bid documents which we send out by fax/ email?

    Yes, your company logo image file can be set in BidGenius and it will be printed on your bid documents like ITB/ Bid Request/ Addendum/ Memo/ Transmittal/ Fax Cover Sheet.


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  • BidGenius FaxServer

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