BidGenius Frequently Asked Questions :	Page 6
  • Is the CSI Code listing user definable?

    Yes. You can add/modify/delete the CSI listing as per your requirement. We offer a one time FREE import of your existing CSI code list from an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Can we change / edit the layout of reports?

    The format/ layout of the reports are fixed. Although the format of the reports cannot be changed, you can add your own contents. You can create your own template for all Bid Documents, ITBs, Addendums, Memo, Reminder Memo, Transmittal, Bid Request, and use that template while printing/faxing/emailing.

  • Do we have to click separately to fax and email an ITB out to subcontractors who have both as a receiving preference?

    No, clicking on the button sends both an email and fax to the subcontractor if the preference is set to both as a receiving preference. You can also over ride the preference of the subcontractor under Tools->Options.

  • Can I get any such report which can help me finding subcontractors bidding more frequently in order to keep our vendor list upto date ?

    Subcontractors' Bidding Analysis reports are included in BidGenius, which can help you in identifying which subcontractors are bidding more frequently and who are not. You can get such analysis trade wise for a given bid due date period.

  • What process do you have to evaluate and implement suggestions?

    Yes, we have that process in place. If you have any suggestions/ needs, please send us your suggestions/ needs with detailed description. Also, let us know why you need this change and how it will helpful to you. Once we receive your request, we will forward it to our development team for review. If your suggestions/ needs are feasible in our system and useful to everybody, we will do that modification and release it in coming updates. There will not be any additional charge for you. In case, we think that your requirement is very specific, we will let you know estimated charge and time to complete.


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